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  • We will continue posting a link for children's resources for a while longer, but we are excited that we are now hosting Children's Church live during the service right after the children's sermon!

  • Hello again!

    How’s everything in your world?  I pray you are all well and remembering to be thankful!  What has God done for you this week?  Just take a minute and think about that.  I know He has done great things for all of us.  We had to go to San Antonio this week and the traffic was horrible!  Everywhere we went, there was road construction going on…and heavy, heavy TRAFFIC!  Now let me tell you that is NOT a good situation for this country girl!  I spent a lot of time praying!  At one point, we were surrounded by big transport trucks, traffic was bumper to bumper and folks still weaving in and out of traffic trying to be first, and the speed limit was supposed to be only 60mph because of construction but everybody around us was doing about 70 or 80 and I suddenly felt the urge to pray so I did.  I had barely said thank You Lord for keeping us safe in all this chaos before we had a really, really near-tragic situation because of some little car darting in and out trying to get ahead!  We nearly got run over by an 18-wheeler dodging that little car, but praise God we were safe and so was everybody else around us!  Thank You Lord!  Did you thank Him for your special blessings this week?  Not all our blessings are really big and noticeable.  We need to notice all the little things God does too…like a special smile from a child in the store…or a pleasant smell…or maybe just a quick touch from somebody when we are feeling overwhelmed!  Don’t miss those special moments when God is simply saying,’ I love you and I am with you’!  And please don’t forget to say,’ thanks, God!’

    Our devo today is about remembering a special little ‘trick’ to help us with a task that might otherwise be difficult for some of us.  I hope your kids will enjoy this short video and remember to thank God for all the little things He does for us!


    God bless you all!            Be safe!           We are praying for you!         Hope to see you soon!             Be thankful!!!


    Don’t forget, next Sunday, November 21st, we will have our annual Thanks Feast for all kids age 3 years through 3rd grade!  Our feast will be in the Reef during regular Children’s Church time.  I hope your kids will all be there to be part of this very special time of fellowship and giving thanks to God!!!


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