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  • We will continue posting a link for children's resources for a while longer, but we are excited that we are now hosting Children's Church live during the service right after the children's sermon!

  • Good Sunday Morning!

    Welcome to the middle of October!  (and a bit of chilly air!)  October is a great time to think about fear and the Bible has a LOT to say about that!  Like can you imagine watching dead dry bones wiggle around and reconnect to form a perfect skeleton?  And if that’s not enough, watch those dry bony skeletons grow flesh and skin and begin to breathe and actually come back to LIFE??!!!! could happen!  It’s a true story, and it’s in the Bible!  Look it up in Ezekiel chapter 37!  Or how about seeing a hand…writing on the wall…and it’s not attached to an arm or a body!  That one’s in the Bible too!  You can find it in Daniel, chapter 5!  Or maybe you’d like to see pigs fly?  Well that wouldn’t actually be scary but it would be really weird!  And guess what…that story is in the Bible too!  Look it up in Matthew 8: 29-34!  Our God is awesomely amazing!  There are lots of really great stories in God’s Word…the Bible.  Anything you need in life is right there just waiting for you to discover!  God has ALL the answers!  So if you are scared…or sad…or unsure…or angry…just talk to God about it…and check it out in the Bible!  God has given us ALL the answers right there in His Word!  Isn’t it great to know that God loves us so much and knows exactly what we need…and He has already provided it in His Word!  Enjoy reading your Bible with your kids today!


    God bless you ALL!                 Be safe!                   We are praying for you!                  Hope to see you soon!


    BTW…Sunday, October 31st is Fifth Sunday!!!!  Why not plan to join us and bring your kids for a great time of fun and fellowship and living God’s Word!?



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