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  • We will continue posting a link for children's resources for a while longer, but we are excited that we are now hosting Children's Church live during the service right after the children's sermon!

  • Happy Sunday Morning!


    Well I, for one, am very happy to look out my window and see…NO ICE AND SNOW!!!!!  It was beautiful and I got some great pictures, but it was DEFINITELY time for it to go away!  After all, this IS south Texas!  Anyway…


    Can you believe this is the last day of February?!?  Two whole months of 2021 are over and done!  Wow!  Well I like to think of February as the month of love since February has Valentine’s Day as a special holiday!  So it is very fitting that our lesson for the last day of February (the month of love) is about LOVE!!!


    Now depending on which translation you use, the Bible mentions the word LOVE somewhere between 300 and 650 times!!!  Now that’s a lot of LOVE!!!  And we know that LOVE is very important to God because ‘God is LOVE’!

    (1 John 4:8)


    I hope you will take time to enjoy this video with your kids.  Try the craft and activities included in the video.  Take your kids on a Prayer Walk around your community.  Praying for others is most definitely the BEST way to show our love for them!


    God bless you ALL!         Stay safe!               Hope to see you soon!


    Video lesson link:


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